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The online gambling industry is not only about games players access on their screens since there is much more about it. Experts behind gambling sites and their products never stop analysing the needs of players and inventing new solutions to meet all the iGaming market trends and make casino games safe and easy to understand. Our OnlineCainoProfy experts are here to mention the most popular affiliate conferences and other events held all over the globe, including Zurich, Prague, Minsk, Georgia, and Greece. You’ll learn about the goals of such events, their concept, and our own experience in this regard!

Zurich iGamong Affiliate Conference

Zurich Igaming Affiliate Conference

It’s one of the relatively new events since the Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference was first held in 2019 by the Smile-Expo international company. The brand has experience in many directions of the iGaming sector, including online casino sites, VR, cyber & fantasy sports, and more.

Smile-Expo boasts over 50 exhibitions dedicated to different technologies that can be beneficial for the iGaming market, so the gambling conference in Zurich gets lots of facilities, including a wide network of contacts for inviting necessary speakers and jaw-dropping programs to make the events informative and trendy.

This was the main audience of the event’s participants in 2019:

  • Affiliates and traffic arbitrage experts
  • Webmasters and SEO specialists
  • Online gambling platforms and providers
  • Other professionals interested in the iGaming sector

These were the main benefits for visitors:

  • Compare arbitrage and traffic tools to reveal the most effective methods
  • Get in touch with gambling experts to discuss the latest gambling trends
  • Take advantage of network opportunities and sign new deals
  • Predict the future of the market to adjust everything accordingly

Zurich iGaming Conference Facts

  • 700+
    Over 700+ gambling-related companies
  • 28+
    Visitors from 28 countries
  • 800+
    More than 800+ professional speakers
  • 2000+
    Highlighted by 2000+ media partners

Prague iGaming Affiliate Conference

It’s another project established by Smile-Expo in 2019. This time, iGaming specialists got together in Prague, introducing gambling trends to participants in the Central and Eastern European regions. Considering the range of speakers and attendees, it was a really beneficial conference with lots of opportunities for networking and new skills. 

These were the main subjects covered by the Prague iGaming Affiliate Conference in 2019:

  • Attractive more traffic thanks to SEO website optimisation
  • Gambling trends applied on affiliate and online casino sites
  • Regulations within the Czech Republic and other EU countries
  • New approaches to attracting customers within affiliate programs

Participants gained a range of helpful things:

  • Partnerships between casino operators and providers
  • Actual changes of gambling regulations and tips to meet them
  • New business contacts with the leaders of the iGaming world
  • Opportunities to represent their products to other experts of the niche

Prague iGaming Conference Facts

  • 1000+
    Over 1000+ media partners promoting the conference
  • 500+
    More than 500+ taking part in the event
  • 24
    Participants from 24 countries visited the event
  • 500+
    As many as 500+ global experts took a speech

Minsk iGaming Affiliate Conference

One more massive affiliate-themed conference was held in Minsk in 2019 and 2020. The experts from the CIS and EU got together in the capital of Belarus to discuss industry-related issues. First of all, the event was aimed at affiliate tools and methods, including CPA advantages and traffic sources, but it also covered a range of other sectors essential for the gambling area, including eSports betting, blockchain, fintech, AI, ROI increasing tips, and more.

Furthermore, the event was helpful for participants since affiliate gurus shared their own methods by providing not only reports but also samples of their projects in the demo zone to explain all the principles and nuances. Participants could communicate with these experts, ask questions on the subject, and even offer new ideas for further partnerships.

MiAC attracted visitors from different gambling sectors:

  • Casino operators searching for solutions to attract customers
  • Arbitrators looking for new methods to attract traffic
  • SEO experts and webmasters working on affiliate sites
  • CPA network representatives looking for new partners
  • Media buyers and other specialists busy in the iGaming business

Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference

Here’s one more event which has been around since 2021 and takes place even in 2024. It’s held in Tbilisi, Georgia. The conference is dedicated to the gambling business in Georgia and all the aspects of this market, which can be useful for other specialists involved in the industry, including affiliate gambling experts.

The event of 2021 was held by CIS and Smile Expo in April. The event of 2024 took place on 24th October 2024 at the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi Metechi Palace, Georgia. Both of them attracted C-Level and industry experts so that everyone could discuss topics covering gambling insights and add plenty of new solutions to their projects then.

Interestingly, not only Georgian but also foreign experts visited the Georgia Gambling Conference to analyse business management and the most common problems of the market, giving tips regarding their solutions and sharing new insights.

Georgia Gambling Conference is informative for a wide range of specialists:

  • Affiliates interested in new solutions
  • Owners of online and land-based operators
  • Bookmakers providing online services
  • Specialists keen on marketing
  • SEO and arbitrage experts
  • Lawyers exploring gambling regulations

What is good about this conference?

  • 1000+
    The event is streamed by 1000+ media partners
  • 500+
    Representatives of 500+ companies join the event
  • 28
    The conference hosts visitors of 28 countries
  • 500+
    Participants enjoy 500+ international speakers

Greece iGaming Affiliate Conference

The Greece Gambling Conference was first represented on the 1st of March, 2022. The event took place at Novotel, Athens, Greece. With a full focus on gambling prospects, Greek and foreign speakers shared valuable insights helpful for affiliates, arbitrage specialists, and other professionals dealing with the industry.

Alpha Affiliates connected with large bookmakers of the European market, was the event’s sponsor. Tasos Belesis, who has over 25 years of experience in the market, shared his tips for the Sisal lottery business. Karlo Pagan (European Casino Association ex-vice president) and Levon Nikogosian (PartnerMatrix CEO) were among the other participants.

These were the main insights of the event:

  • Innovative tools for gambling platform development
  • Regulations & gambling laws explained
  • The latest SEO promotion methods
  • Working methods to attract and retain customers
  • Demo area with gambling-related products and services
  • Networking and beneficial business contacts

What is good about the Greece Gambling Conference?

  • 1000+
    The conference is highlighted by 1000+ media partners
  • 500+
    Representatives of over 500+ companies joined the event
  • 28
    Experts from 28 countries visit the Greek event
  • 500+
    The event is hosted by 500+ well-known speakers

Affiliate Marketing Conference Belarus

AMBC is another affiliate gambling event in Belarus which was held in 2019 and 2020. It was the first specialised event in the country where participants could access practical reports on affiliate marketing and test new solutions in the demo zone. The major part of the conference covered mobile apps and social media, as well as creative advertising and new tips for webmasters working with affiliate programs.

One of the most engaging highlights is the speed dating method aimed at fast networking. Affiliates could get 20+ meetings within an hour, which is a great way to understand how the experts can help each other and sign new deals then. Participants presented not just reports but real cases to share relevant experiences.

These were the main topics covered at AMBC:

  • Increasing ROI due to high-quality content
  • The connection between CPA networks and arbitrage specialists
  • Avoiding bots when purchasing traffic
  • Proven tips for working on foreign markets (bourse traffic)
  • Myths about working with traffic and real solutions instead

Facts about this iGaming Affiliate Conference

  • 1000+
    The event is streamed by 1000+ media partners
  • 500+
    Experience of 500+ companies present at the event
  • 28
    Foreign experience thanks to 28 countries involved
  • 500+
    Over 500+ renowned speakers sharing valuable insights


Here are the best gambling conferences for affiliates, and we are sure that it’s the best method to discuss all the latest trends and find out how to use this information to get more traffic and attract more customers. Some of these events took place several years ago, but we believe that more conferences from these brands are coming soon. Visitors get knowledge about marketing tools, working affiliate methods, SEO insights, information about gambling regulation, and the real experience of experts from all over Europe. Stay tuned not to miss upcoming events and delve into the iGaming industry even more! We also recommend you to read and learn something new about our casino and cryptocurrency review, in the world of crypto gambling.

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